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Losing one’s wallet, cash and ID in an airport …

Losing one’s wallet, cash and ID in an airport … Losing one’s wallet, cash and ID in an airport …
A bad experience that could have a happy ending

The lost and found series continues. This time at Amman international airport.

There is a series of stories to be told on lost and found objects on airplanes and in airports. One was shared not so long ago about a white envelope full of dollars found on the ground of Queen Alia International airport. Numerous stories took place as well at RHBIA.

Amman international airport has recently been revamped. The new premises are quite big and require a sizable amount of time in facilities management. Libanet has deployed a team on the ground that goes about its task minutely. Of course, lost items are returned to security as per the company’s policy. Last week, a wallet was found in the men’s rooms. Algut, an employee of Libanet in Amman, was going about his duties in the men’s room, when he found the wallet left on the sink. There are no cameras in the men’s rooms. The wallet, in addition to cash, carried also the precious traveling and ID documents of its owner. Algut took it to the QAIA security department where its owner had already left a complaint. The traveler got his wallet back and felt relieved: a story that ends well, once again thanks to Libanet’s ethics policy and meticulous training.