As a frontrunner in aviation industry services, Libanet is committed to providing quality criteria of the highest caliber. This is guaranteed via providing a set of dedicated services exclusive to the company. The quality promised is centered on the professional experience and expertise we have acquired over the years, the commitment of a multi-functional, dependable on workforce, as well as on the constant collaboration with customers.

Libanet's commitment to performing services of top-notch quality is safeguarded by its proactive outlook. This is interpreted via our pledge to heeding and prudently listening to our clients, subsequently crafting new solutions lengthways.


Libanet concentrates on training as its primary tool to succeed and organizes continuous and rigorous trainings for its new supervisors and workers. We based our processes on Lufthansa's training and methodology. Our rotational training system, along with the support of our sister companies in BRHIA, KKIA, QAIA focuses on supervisor's training on new equipment, tools and material, in addition to health and safety trainings, in order to insure qualified and trained services as well as proper use and practice of the tools and equipment. As a result, our teams of supervisors initiated a new standard. This standard has been echoed in the training manual for transit, deep cleaning and exterior wash.  Lufthansa certificate

OTP (On Time Performance) Training

On Time Performance (OTP) is a persistent anxiety for Airline Carriers prompted by a variety of bottlenecks: one of the delays could occur due to Aircraft Transit Cleaning.

Libanet, and in order to assist Airlines in achieving OT, has an exclusive and regular Cycle Time Reduction (CTR) workforce training. This mainly consists of the following: the theoretical service time is compared with actual queue times to identify action tailbacks and the best opportunities for cycle time improvement. Task/motion study is timed, recorded and videotaped to be analyzed further on where and what actions to be taken so that the process is achieved within a restricted time frame.